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Published on July 28th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Review: Dead Block

Review: Dead Block Gabriel

Summary: Gabriel takes a look at Dead Block, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Dead Block paints an interesting picture. Imagine Call of Duty‘s Zombie mode with Team Fortress style graphics, different characters with different abilities, rock and roll and various traps to keep back the horde of zombies. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Sadly, that’s all that Dead Block has going for it and it doesn’t do those things very well to begin with. Other than that, the game is a disappointment and massively boring.

Dead Block is a mix between a tower defense game and a third-person shooter. During each stage, your task is to control the multitude of zombies by using traps, barriers and melee combat, while you run around searching every possible item for guitar equipment, mainly a guitar, an amp and a speaker. Why do you need these things you ask? According to the game, a good rock song takes care of the zombies once and for all…yeah. Anyways, the game puts you in the shoes of either a construction worker, a boy scout, or a foxy guard. Each of these character have their own strengths and weaknesess, some being stronger at melee combat an others being faster at item-searching. Each of them also sport unique traps, which you build on doorways or windows to keep too many zombies from descending upon you. You need resources like wood and lug nuts to build these traps, which you get from searching small objects like piggy banks, flowers and boxes and also destroying furniture and sinks for the wood.

The problem is that although all these features are in place and work well enough, the game never evolves. You keep doing the exact same thing over and over again throughout the course of the campaign. The game doesn’t try to throw anything new your way. You start a stage, you break stuff, you build traps and barriers and you look for the guitar equipment. Rinse and repeat. After the first stage of the game, you’ve seen it all. They try to add a bit more variety in the way of mini games when searching for the items but these always involve tapping the triggers as fast as you can or timing button presses. Halfway through the game, you’ll have done this menial task so many times, that it’s hard to find the motivation to keep on going. But the biggest problem this game has is its lack of online co-op. The game includes a series of co-op levels, but it only supports local co-op. There’s no reason this title shouldn’t include online multiplayer, a feature that might have made the game way more enjoyable by being able to play with your friends.

Sadly, Dead Block is a perfect example of a game with squandered potential. All the ingredients are there for success: nice, simple graphics, various characters, co-op and zombies! Sadly, all of these ideas are half baked. The characters are uninteresting, there’s no online co-op and the music is very boring and repetitive. Not even zombies can save this one. Pass on Dead Block and save those $10, you won’t regret it. It’s just not worth the price of admission.

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