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Data Reset Not Present In Resident Evil Mercenaries

It’s common knowledge that developers hate the used game industry as it drives money away from those purchasing brand new copies of the game. To circumvent this most games notably those from EA as a clear example contain a one time use code that gives access to certain extras, this can be worked around by paying for your own copy of the one time use code to replace the one that was used by time of trade in. Capcom have decided that is not the route they will be taking for their new Mercenaries game, instead opting for a game that cannot be reset. This also means for those who do purchase a brand new copy of the game upon release you cannot reset your own data and start a new game. While it’s the more heavily anticipated Revelations that contains a storyline, Mercenaries offers an arcade style experience based upon replaying content, which lessens the impact of Capcom’s decision. Capcom discussed with Eurogamer this unique approach stating it would not affect trade in values for the game as its value was not about whether the game’s data could be reset.

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