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Darksiders II Revealed

As always, Game Informer covers are a big thing in gaming news. The next cover (last time, it was Assassin Creed: Revelations) is of Darksiders II! You know… that game which was released so early in 2010, it was forgotten about. But I absolutely loved it and so did many. Again, Darksiders II didnt do amazingly in sales, but just like Metro 2033, THQ believes that the franchise has legs, which I really respect THQ in thinking that, because Darksiders was a gem of 2010 and was highly unappreciated. In Darksiders II, details have been told that you will play as Death, one of the other four Horsemen. You may remember in the first game, you played as War. According to Game Informer, War has been “sidelined”, so Death is to take his place in order to try and restore what the world used to be after it was destroyed in the first game and overridden with hellish creatures. Game Informer: “Vigil looks to deliver a richer experience as players  explore more dungeons, talk with a variety of NPCs, and experiment with a detailed loot system.” Darksiders II has been given a 2012 release. Check out the cover and go here to the Darksiders II Game Informer hub.

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