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Cryss’ Top 10 Games Of 2011

It’s now officially 2012 and with that in mind I can now announce my top 10 games of 2011 (had to make sure in case of any December 31st releases). This year has seen a massive selection of games and I’m sure that many of us still have a select few released we are pining for. Congratulations to any developers whose titles have made the list and without further ado;

10 – Shadows Of The Damned

This game was quirky and that made it fun, and putting all the c**k puns aside, I enjoyed my time traversing through hell with only a boner to guide me (I’m being incredibly serious here.) With an interesting creative team, this is a true example of a game you will either love or hate.

9 – Little Big Planet 2

Well done for creating a sequel to a game that was not supposed to have a sequel (wait a minute.) LBP2 took the best of it’s predecessor and added new mechanics, an then later topped that with a free update for move controls adding even more ways to play. I’m not a big level builder myself but I love finding some amazing levels created by the Little Big Planet Community.

8 – Resistance 3

This game is great fun; it’s Call of Duty’s clunky older brother, where a lot of the weapon abilities are ripped out of the Fifth Element and the enemies are voiced by voice actors stolen from Gears Of War. Despite all of this and the inability to lie down, the games great fun to play with a good multiplayer community.

7 – Bulletstorm

This game completely had me hooked and it was a shame it was financially unsuccessful, as the unique leash and boot mechanics had me throwing enemies all over the show. Heres hoping for a sequel with an actual player vs player multiplayer which despite being difficult to balance, would be well worth the effort.

6 – House Of The Dead Overkill (PlayStation 3)

Take a popular genre like Rail Shooter, then put zombies into it, before finally topping it up with move controls and a joke attitude to old school B horror movies. This combination led to Overkill being ported to the PlayStation 3 with exclusive levels, which gives the gamer hours of fun shooting zombies. It’s great with a Sharpshooter attachment and a friend to join in the laughs.

5 – Grand Theft Auto 3 (10th Anniversary Edition)

I have an Xperia Play so I may be a little biased on this, but I love having the game on my phone, where the controls are great (even the touch screen does have a lot of customization options). The classic radio stations are all there and I get a massive nostalgia hit playing the game. It’s well worth the price for anyone that owns a smartphone.

4 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

I didn’t want to match anything to Charlie’s article but this one had to go in. I still haven’t touched a Jedi or Sith class yet but the games amazingly fun to play. Considering the game still needs some polishing, I can’t wait to see whats ahead for ToR.

3 – Dead or Alive Dimensions

You know what… I love Dead or Alive. Maybe it’s because it’s faster than most other fighters or the characters are cool. But having it on the go is amazing, as the online plays better than the last title on the Xbox, and the controls suit the 3DS really well.

2 – Catherine

God I loved this game. It’s an erotic survival horror JRPG from the creators of Persona. Don’t let the erotic bit get to you, because it’s one of the greatest games I’ve played. You’re Vincent, who has reached an impasse in his life. Does he stay with his long term girlfriend Katherine or take to temptation and go off with Catherine who has bounced into his life? Add into this a puzzle mechanic devoted to Vincent’s increasingly difficult nightmares that are influenced by his life and the game really gets going.

1 – Persona 3 Portable

It’s a PSP Game. I’ve been playing it for over 90 hours and I still haven’t completed it. The story follows you during the day you visit and study at school, but for one hour a night, everyone turns into a coffin for what is known as the “Dark Hour”. You and your companions remain unaffected, allowing you to climb Tartarus. Featuring a killer story, amazing voice acting and the new addition of a female protagonist, I will be spending some more time on Persona 3 before the Vita is out.

Honorable Mentions

Uncharted 3 Gears Of War 3 Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Deus Ex: Human Revolution Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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