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Published on November 27th, 2010 | by Ben Gray


Christmas downloadable content on Xbox 360

Christmas is nearly upon us, and although the games we’ll get for Christmas is what is on many gamer’s minds at this time, let’s not forget the world of downloadable content that will be hitting Xbox Live through the holiday season. So if you’re not venturing out to pick up the latest retail releases this Winter, why not pick up some great new content for your existing games? Here’s a rundown of some of the great downloadable nuggets heading to new and old games throughout this Christmas.

BFBC2 Vietnam

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam

The highly anticipated expansion for Battlefield Bad Company 2 – a game which I consider to be a worthy rival to the mammoth Call of Duty franchise – that releases this Winter on Xbox Live. The pack contains four brand new maps set in Vietnamese territory, 15 brand new weapons, which includes the deathly Flamethrower, six new vehicles to fit the era, ten achievements, and 2 hours of radio played in the vehicles, all for the very generous price tag of 1200 Microsoft Points. There are very few expansions that fulfil their price tag, but I believe this add-on will be one of the minority that blows us away.

BFBC2 VIP Map Pack 7

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – VIP Map Pack 7

The first six VIP Map Packs for Bad Company 2 have all been adding existing game modes to function on existing maps. But this seventh instalment sees four new maps added to the mix, Harvest Day and Oasis returning from the first Bad Company, whilst Cold War and Heavy Metal make their debut from Bad Company 2’s campaign. This pack is available this Winter for the low price of FREE for those that bought the game new and entered their VIP code. Keep watching for more news on this great map pack.

Dead Money

Fallout New Vegas – Dead Money

The first expansion for everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic simulation, Fallout New Vegas, is a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, and will be landiing feet first on Xbox Live, just four days before Christmas – December 21st. This pack will take you to the mysterious Sierra Madre Casino, where you must tackle the holographic security systems of the casino as well as face the mysterious Ghost People. As well as new quests and challenging decisions to be made, you and companions will attempt to find the legendary treasure of the casino. What could it be? New perks, achievements – and for completionists like myself – a rank increase to level 35! The add-on will set you back 800 Microsoft Points, and check back soon to see whether it lives up to the standard of Fallout 3’s add-ons.

Trials HD

Trials HD – Big Thrills Pack

One of the best Xbox Live Arcade titles will be receiving it’s second helping of downloadable content on December 1st, the Big Thrills Pack. After a competition hosted by the developer, RedLynx, 10 tracks made by the community will be in this pack, as well as 30 brand new tracks. With new tournament modes and achievements on offer, this massive dosage of Trials will cost you 400 Microsoft Points and will surely be a treat for Trials fans alike. Warning; playing this game excessively will cause addictiveness and obsession with trying to beat that one. last. level.

Reach Noble Map Pack

Halo Reach – Noble Map Pack

One of the biggest games of 2010 is getting three brand new maps added into the mix this Tuesday – November 30th – on Xbox Live with the release of the Noble Map Pack. Containing the close quarters, ‘The Pit’ inspired Anchor 9, medium sized, forerunner Tempest, and the massive ONI structures of Breakpoint, this add-on is sure to satisfy all types of Halo players, adding in more achievements and an expansive Forge palette on Tempest for the map makers of the community, 800 Microsoft Points seems just about right. In the coming weeks you’ll be hearing our verdict on the DLC, so don’t miss it!

AC Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Animus Project Update 1.0

Less than a month after it’s release, the critically acclaimed third chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series will be getting a brand new multiplayer map and mode on December 14th, for absolutely free. The game mode, entitled Advanced Alliance, is essentially a hardcore version of the existing Alliance game mode, ramping up the difficulty for those assassins looking for a challenge. This new mode is accompanied by the new map, set in Mont Saint-Michel, a map with varying degrees of terrain. Look out for this pack when it hits Xbox Live, I’m sure fans of the franchise will be welcoming of the new additions.

That’s all folks! If I missed out any DLC, and you would like me to add them to the article, comment below and I will deliver. Feel free to discuss the upcoming content, which one will be the best? All will be known in good time.

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