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Published on June 19th, 2011 | by Charlie


Console Owners Shouldn’t Abuse Battlefield 3’s Graphics

Before you start to flame bait this article, I do understand that the demo shown on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” was pre-alpha footage. Something really does bug me about some console owners. When they see footage of a PC version of a game, they always seem to believe that the graphics will not be as good on consoles. Usually, when I play a game, I want to get the best graphics as possible. But then when I read comments on people’s thoughts about Battlefield 3’s graphics on console, it just annoys me that they are some who are just not happy. When a person buys a console, it means they are committing to the graphics it may have. Sure, there are exceptions (take Deadly Premonition for example, where the developers just didn’t make a good attempt at the graphics) but for some games, there just is no exception, one being Battlefield 3. Now you may say: “The only reason I have a console is because I can’t afford a gaming PC” – Well since you can’t afford a gaming PC, then you need to get the next best thing. And yet it STILL doesn’t make you happy? What more do you want from DICE? They’re trying to make a game as brilliant and as entertaining as possible. They’re trying to be as realistic and as sensible making the game as possible. And then you get gamers who just can’t live with the fact that their console just does not have the power to maximise the graphics to be as the PC. It can be close; very close, but it can never match the bar set on PC’s. If you’re not happy with the graphics having slightly less quality than the PC if you have a console, then you obviously don’t have any right to be a gamer, because therefore, nothing will make you happy. Complaining over a tiny difference in graphics is just pathetic… seriously. Would you rather have the Wii’s graphics, or the console graphics if you don’t have a gaming PC? Not to mention, Battlefield 3’s graphics is pre-alpha. Overtime, the graphics will change; there’s no doubt about it. Do realise too that most shooters never run as great on console than it would do on a PC. Not even exclusives, even though they’re designed to fit around the console, like SOCOM, Gears of War, Killzone and so forth. EDIT: Somebody just told me that the Xbox 360/PS3 are 5-6 years old. It’s no wonder the graphics are slightly dumbed down.

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  • Colejay

    Hey don’t blame the xbox 360 console players, we haven’t said a thing about Battlefield 3.

    • Charlie Murray


      Give it a few months and you’ll see Xbox 360 players say the exact same thing because they’ll think the 360 version is a dumbed down version of the PS3 version which they think is also a dumbed down version of the PC version.

      • Colejay

        Not really, most xbox 360 people don’t give a damn about graphics and just like the gameplay.

        • PFFFFFT yeah right! speak for yourself…

  • Gal5473

    your totally right. but dice have been bigging this game and frostbite 2.0 up for months. and tbh it didnt look very good, did it?

  • Please tell me you were aware that the Console Generation now was more than 5 years old.

    • you should say that to those who started this whole argument,

  • Axe99

    Well said (well, other than being completely oblivious to the age of the current console generation, lols!) – I’m a PS3 and PC gamer, and as I prefer my shooters with a gamepad (mouse/kb controls for shooters are a bit casual/accessible for my liking) I’ll grab BF3 on PS3, and sure it won’t look as pretty as if it was on my PC but it’ll still be a great game.  This whole issue is bloody “Gamer Entitlement Syndrome” rearing its ugly head yet again.  Get out and game gamers, stop counting frame-rates!

  • yazoosippi

    of course maybe ps3 exclusive games run worse than games on pc, BUT these games arent on pc and blow any pc game out of the water easily

  • People stop bringing up Killzone 3 as a example of good looking FPS shooters.  The fucking game has a 50 something FOV.  That’s why the game looks good, but sadly it causes the game to play like shit.  I beat it and enjoyed it, but will never pick it up again because it was a fucking struggle to play that game, I literally threw up twice during my run.  Killzone 3’s terrible FOV causes the engine to not render a lot of detail at once, hence the extra processing power the system has to produce the high res textures and lighting.  Also if you notice that most objects in the game are squared, which as everybody who knows a little about game design will tell you, straight edges are easier to render in engine than round ones.  So yes, it looks good, but it’s a terrible example of a well developed game. 

    • Its an Amazingly fun game to play online, and looks beautiful.. but it does really annoy me when you want to shoot past a small edge or near a rail and you can see the bullet hit nothing…
      It does not happen that often but when you are really pushing that game to the limits it does occur.

      That’d be my only problem with it, gameplay is fine…..

  • Gus

    The graphics are ass.  If DICE wants to spend all their time and money on the PC version, that’s fine.  But don’t expect people to plunk down their dollars for a game which looks in some cases worse than BFBC2.  They’ve clearly sacrificed graphics, but are we benefiting in some other way then?  Nope.  Less players online and smaller maps too.  So why are we sacrificing in one part for no gain in any other?  If anyone is to blame, its DICE.  They pumped the sh** out of BF3 and its graphics not mentioning that the consoles (which will sell more than the PC) look like this.  I should have known, seeing as how they never showed any console footage for the longest time.  Trying to butter us up before they served up that stinker I guess.  If they’re going to beat the COD franchise, it won’t be on the back of the PC.  They should keep that in mind.

  • I see your outdated graphics and up you Uncharted 2 &3 and a Killzone 3.  Are you gonna call?

    • Charlie Murray

      I raise you Child of Eden, Crysis 2 and the most powerful gaming PC on the planet.

  • The Voice of Reason

    i think the person who wrote this story doesn’t know shit about console gaming.

    • Charlie Murray

      I own a 360 and PS3, so I think I do.

  • Dffd

    Wow…terrible article and atrocious sentence structure. The fact that you had to add in an ‘edit’ sourcing ‘somebody’ says it all. Stick to a Wii!

    • Charlie Murray

      Wow. At least post your name when you try to be funny.

  • Sir

    fuck PC gaming. Seriously how many dev’s do you have like 3? Walk into any electronics store and PC games occupy maybe 2 square ft while console games have their own isle. PC’s have to be constantly updated with new expensive hardware to remain able to produce these visuals that aren’t much better than PS3. PC gamers must die!

  • Phantom

    Since when console gamers have become so much trolling and hating!! omfg, this is nuts. Don´t ever expect a console game will look exactly the same as a current PC, ever!. I think that this article is one with the most common sense writing about the hole situation, very well done. 

    This is coming from someone thats have been owned most of the consoles from the last 20 years, sega, nintendo, xbox, sony, you name it, and now i use the PC as my main gaming platform. And im 29 btw.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called STEAM and no it’s not going anywhere. PC users pirate and ninja games while others purchase them from online, a store, or an online store to be delivered to their home. The visuals on PC’s far surpass anything produced on both a 360 and PS3 which, despite flame wars and claims, still remain at the same aspect level in today’s market. One has Blu-Ray and the other has Direct3D. Big whoop-de-doo! PC’s have both. Except for the fact that it reaches DirectX 11 and so forth.

    Where PC’s were at ten years ago, consoles achieved 5 years ago. Consoles are slowly turning into PC’s. They’re practically the same damn things except one is ‘dumd’ down. Consoles are built with crappy, cheap hardware to allow for more affordable prices and allow industries to place their monetary interests in game licensing. Not a great strategy but for the mean time, it works. Dev’s constantly have to tone down their works and art just to be compatible with consoles. Consoles are being pushed to their brim.

    PC’s are slowly gaining power, recognition, portability, and compatibility. PC’s offer a wide variety of entertainment from online media to interactive media. Music, games, movies, applications, and more! As the world progresses this little split in the entertainment industry is turning into a horseshoe and heading right back to where things started. Phones and iPods are able to achieve the same quality seen in the Nintendo 64 and soon even more! Consoles are a dying breed. The Information Age is at a sky high!

    Where there is money, there will be products. Consumers will vote with their money. With advancements in various fields, cloud use, cartridges, and fast internet connection are becoming a widely available. What is easy and works, will survive.

    [I personally have all three consoles. My Wii is used for arcade type games. My PS3 has taken the role for movies and NetFlix. My Xbox 360 remains at the top for the social online and gaming world. Though, I hardly play that either anymore. I find a simple game of TF2 and its hilarious ingame economy to be quite fun compared to anything out now. It’s great to get back into the PC.]

    With all this being said, the new games are on their way. Crysis 2 didn’t manage so well. Hopefully its following games such as MW3, BF3, GoW3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, etc. can take their place as rightful replacements to the already becoming bland world of console gaming. You can only use a noobtube, play the same map, unlock the same crap, beat the same game, and fight the same enemies for so long before the game itself becomes bland and repetitive.

    tld;r? Obvious troll is obvious!

    • Anonymous Anon

      Remember what they said about Dial-Up? It was claimed to be such a great way to obtain an online signal. You could use it anytime and anywhere that had a phone line. People claimed it would never die out as fast as it did in 2005. Then came WiFi and blew that out of the water. I mean, it still floats around here and there, like my Atari 5600, but you wouldn’t dare be caught trying to use it in front of your friends.

      • Anonymous

        One last notion of syntax that I will leave for anyone that chooses to read this…
        Why is the title: “Console Owners Shouldn’t Abuse Battlefield 3′s Graphics” ???

        The fact that it states that we console fans should not abuse BF3’s graphics, confuses me the most. In the post it states that many users complain that their version will not look as great as the PC’s, which it won’t, but tries to secure the idea that the game is built to be compatible with console and still look great, which it is. Shouldn’t it be worded something like, I don’t know, “Console Users Should Not Complain About Battlefield 3’s Graphics,” or, “Expect The Best From Dice and Battlefield 3.”

        You can’t abuse graphics on a console, much or less at all. It just sounds ske7ch to the reader and seems to convey a different image.

        [About my suggestions, those are just ideas that I came up with at a moments thought. I’m not being paid to sit here and come up with titles for someone that doesn’t give a crap. Although, I do have time to rant at another comment while replying to my own. Cool story, huh?]

  • Dandy_Willikers

    That’s a pretty high and mighty attitude for someone who had no clue how long the consoles have been out.

    • Anonymous

      Your point is invalid.

      I have been playing games since Gnop was just another awesome game. I’ve defeated countless numbers of ingame enemies whilst playing my good ol’ Atari 5200 and 5600 (a second 5200 with the number 600 spray painted on it), those are quality products right there. I could throw some “BS” information from which anyone could pull straight off of Wikipedia or some random forum filled with 20 year old college dorks whom fight about religion vs psychotic tripping while using Star Fox 64 memes in the process in a suspected attempt to prove my credibility of knowledge about Pong and how it was invented in the Navy. Yes, I could. I won’t. 

      I will, instead, leave you with this vital piece of information that you seemed to have missed when supposedly reading whichever of my comments I posted. I assume it was the first, I will clarify it for you. Along with being a very extensive reply to another user, my point does not reach far back in into the days an arcade first came to a child’s living room, no. It states the fact that the user’s claim, from which I replied to, was invalid. I included information to show how their claim was wrong. Such information included a rant about how consoles are quickly falling behind the capacity and abilities of which artists can put to the test to create their wondrous works of art. Well known studios such Bungie, Crytek, and DICE even state that the current generation of consoles have brought forth with them limitations and challenges.

      Consoles have been around for a long time, but that has nothing to do with the discussion that is at hand.

      • Dandy_Willikers

        Wow you’re long winded. Ever heard of summarizing your point? I’ll do it for you: “I’m pretentious”.

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