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Published on November 3rd, 2010 | by Charlie


Community Game Night: Call of Duty: Black Ops – 12/11/10

So the first of many Community Game Nights. As you guys may already know, Call of Duty: Black Ops is to be released Tuesday 9 November 2010. We believe that Black Ops would be a perfect way to start our community game nights. We plan to play the Multiplayer segment of the game on the Xbox 360.

Our Plan
  • Our first community game night is to be on Friday 12 November 2010, 3 days after Black Ops is released, so it gives you time to get used to multiplayer and the controls, and to buy the game if you haven’t etc.
  • We will start the community game night at 8:00PM GMT/12:00PM PST* (*due to daylight savings on Sunday 7th November)
  • Spots are limited. Spots are on a first come first served basis.
  • Despite spots being first come first served, those who comment with their gamertag in the comments below will be invited first. If you do not respond to your invite quickly, all spots may be taken. The party will be open for all after all request invites have been made.
  • If you wish to join the game after all the invites are sent, “Join Session in Progress” will be avaliable on the profile: The Sebianoti. Any problems with doing so, contact Kranitoko via Xbox Live.
  • The only two members of Nave360 confirmed to be there on the day will be Seb (The Sebianoti) and Charlie (Kranitoko)
  • We plan to do as many multiplayer games as possible and in as many modes as possible.
  • This community game night is for those who own Black Ops on the night/afternoon.
  • Do remember, we are an Xbox 360 site, so all community game nights will be on Xbox 360 game versions.
  • If we have fewer people than expected, we will join public matches rather than private ones.
  • We look forward to seeing you guys on the day!

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