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Charlie’s Top 10 (UPDATED): Most Anticipated Games of 2011

So 2011 will host a whole selection of games that should keep the gamers happy, with all the sequels and new franchises trying to become big. But what exactly am I looking forward to? Let’s find out! This is my personal top 10to the most anticipated games of 2011 for the Xbox 360. Remember, these are my personal opinions on which games I think are strongly anticipated… whether I like them or not.

UPDATE: Since the announcement of a few games at the VGA’s, I have updated this list. I hope it pleases you all. I have also changed the title to minimize arguments.

12. I Am Alive

This game has sparked up in the news many times, mostly due to being pushed back to a new release date, and there’s still a chance this could happen now. But that’s what makes this game so anticipated. With the amount of times the game has been pushed back, people just want to see what the fuss of this game is about. If you don’t know already, I Am Alive tells the story of Chicago, when it is hit by a 10.3 MW earthquake, which destroys most of the city. With the city cut off from the outside world, the player needs to find water to survive, as well as find the player’s girlfriend, whilst also avoiding citizens that will do anything to get their hands on the water you may possess.

11. Dead Space 2

Now Dead Space was a terrifying game, in my own opinion, but no doubt that is what makes this game so highly anticipated. The first game did a pretty good job in sales, selling over one million copies for the Xbox 360. With all the spin offs to the series, you can certainly tell that EA Games have done all they can to give the second game a kick start, but will the futuristic survival horror be able to cut it? We’ll see. Note: These two games were originally in the top 10, but have since been deranked, so they are no longer OFFICIALLY in the top 10.


Don't worry. You'll feel better in the morning.

10. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is one of Epic Games’ biggest achievements that will be released next year. Players will need not to wait long either, as the game is released in February. The game is to include some never before used weapons found in a game (the whip for example), and will also add a unique feature not often seen in games, in which points are awarded for a type of kill you will obtain in a level. The game also includes the voice talent of Jennifer Hale, who you could consider the female Nolan North.

9. Crysis 2

Now from the long line I saw at Eurogamer, people would think I would be mad to not put this game in the top 10, and no doubt many will be angry at us for putting this at just number 7. The first game has certainly received such a huge fan base, which is one of the many reasons why this is one of next years most anticipated. The game will take place three years after the first game, now set in 2023, where New York has been evacuated due to the alien infestation. But of course, the player won’t play as Nomad, and will actually been playing as Alcatraz. Of course, whether this is just Nomad in disguise as many have speculated, we just don’t know yet, but we’ll just have to find out in March.

8. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

A mouthful of a name for a game. The game is said to be a new revolution of gaming (but don’t most games have that said about them?). You may remember the Ghost Recon series was set in modern times, but as you may notice from the title, this one is set further into the future (think of it as the Call of Duty from the future). The game adds an optical camouflage ability which allows the player to become invisible, like a ghost, at any time, not often seen in video games.

7. Call of Duty (Sledgehammer Games)

I reach my top 5 most anticipated games of 2011. Now the sad thing is about Call of Duty is that they seem to be failing just a little bit with every game that is released, which is why this is not the most anticipated in our list. With rumours going around that this Call of Duty may be in space, or indeed it may be the promised Modern Warfare 3, hardcore fans are certainly going to be crossing their fingers for something worthwhile.

*big drool*

6. Batman: Arkham City

If you haven’t already played Batman: Arkham Asylum, even if you’re not a Batman fan, then you need to be punished. There have been many Batman games in the past, but none of them have been as near-flawless as Arkham Asylum has been, and that’s why its sequel, Arkham City, is likely to follow in its footsteps.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I will be frank. I haven’t played Elder Scrolls IV, but seeing how much hype has gone into it, and from what I have seen, I definitly will get the 4th when I can, but just from seeing all the comments in the Elder Scrolls V trailer, this is no doubt a highly anticipated game, and again, I ain’t played Elder Scrolls, and I’m looking forward this sequel!

4. Assassin’s Creed 3

Of course, this has not been confirmed officially that this will be released in 2011; it has only been presumed. However, from what has been going around, Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to be the best game of the series by far, and with a number of amazing locations and time periods to choose from, you can’t help but be excited for this. And just because it’s the third game, it doesn’t mean it’s the last, so we may just get an even better cliffhanger than Brotherhood’s too.

This image was debated for weeks. But people got what they wanted...

3. Mass Effect 3

Originally, I was never a Mass Effect fan, but since giving Mass Effect 2 a chance, I can see now why this game series is so popular. And even though Bioware are only releasing it on the PS3 because of the money, not for the sake reason of “they don’t like exclusives”, I honestly believe that PS3 folk should indeed have this game in their collection, as this game is just sensational. Mass Effect 3 will just be imense… it’ll blow everybody’s minds.

2. Gears of War 3

Unlike Assassin’s Creed 3, this will indeed be the last game in the trilogy, unless Epic Games are to make spin-offs, which most of us would really love to see from Epic games. The hype of this game has been massive, from Jimmy Fallon, to E3 2010. The multiplayer is set to be the most exciting yet, and with new modes, old characters being reborn, better graphics and a result most of us have been waiting for (Save Carmine vs. Kill Carmine), Gears of War 3 deserves its number 2 spot in our top 10.

1. Portal 2

Now this had to be the number 1 game for 2011. It’s known as the closest thing we’ll get to Half Life 2: Episode 3 in a little while, and it’s a sequel to possibly one of the best games of 2008. The game has, already, been delayed two times, and the fact that the game is to be set hundreds of years later will no doubt make the story more immersive and real. The game is to include brand new puzzles, and brand new equipment to get through those puzzles. And let’s not forget that there’s going to be a small, but all action cast in the game, from the delightful Ellen McLain, returning as the murderous, but insanely funny GLaDOS, to Stephen Merchant (most of us would have preferred the original voice of Wheatly, but Stephen will make do). Not only that, but the master of music that is Jonathan Coulton will also return to write music for the game. The game will also come with its own immersive co-op campaign too, so Portal 2 seriously comes with the full package. I don’t know about you, but Portal 2 is the game to beat in 2011…

Dibs on the blue one!

Games That Did Not Reach Top 10 and Why:
  • L.A. Noire – The fact that it’s just another game to do with drugs and the not-so-surprising fact that the game is made by Rockstar, L.A. Noire will just feel like Grand Theft Auto has gone to the 1940’s, which most players expect something new from Rockstar, just like Red Dead Redemption was.
  • Dragon Age 2 – As hugely fun as Dragon Age is, there are some times I feel that Dragon Age 2 may just be the same as Dragon Age: Origins, with it’s insane load times and lag issues. Plus, sometimes the story in Bioware games are never as clear as you’d hoped.

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    WHAT THE @#$%???? This should be called the top 10 Multiplat games for 2011… ALL BUT ONE OF THESE GAMES ARE MULTIPLAT!

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