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Charlie’s Top 10 Games of 2011

I remember when I did this last year. I was absolutely hated, but one thing people didn’t realize is that I hadn’t exactly played the games people wanted me to list. All the games I mention in my list are all games that I have played. I don’t exactly want to put a game on here I haven’t played and lie, whether it’s great or not. And that mean’s Zelda. I’m sorry but I just haven’t played it, so that’s why it’s not on this list.

10. Battlefield 3

Here’s the truth. Battlefield sucked and was brilliant at the same time. Whilst the graphics were great, and whilst the multiplayer was just a piece of work, the single player is one of the things I look forward to in all the games I play, and I was totally let down with it, what with it’s rather boring and confusing story. Maybe if the story was better, it would be higher on the list but it’s sad to know it’s not. But the multiplayer carried the game through and was some of the best multiplayer I’ve played. I just wish I could get back into it!

9. inFamous 2

It’s a shame they didn’t keep the same voice actor for Cole in inFamous 2 because the original voice actor had such a bad ass voice. Thinking about it now though, I don’t think it would have mattered. Playing the first inFamous was a great challenge, especially the final boss fight (which did slightly annoy me) and then when I played the second inFamous… wow. What a step up it was. I mean you could literally create your own missions, something many people have wanted to do in many games but don’t get given the chance. And then the scale of the game as well is pretty big as well, giving you hours of entertainment. And that beast, well… what a beast.

8. Dead Space 2

I know a few people who disagree with me placing this game on my top 10 list. But honestly, I really enjoyed this game to the point that it made me determined to beat it… after about a 5 month hiatus. This game had it’s hard moments, even on normal mode, and it’s when a game that’s playing well in front of your eyes and then adds those hard moments that make you know that this game is great. And although the multiplayer was not needed, it just reminded me of a game called Singularity. That game was so good in my mind, and it’s also a game that will never get a sequel because Activision screwed up it’s marketing. As always.

7. Gears of War 3

I love Gears of War 3, and since the ending of the second one, I was determined to find out how this trilogy would conclude. It’s the story itself which stopped this game from reaching my top because there were so many predictable moments in it. And then the game itself felt like I had played everything (besides Beast mode) in the previous game. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved Gears of War 3 and it’s still a great finish to the trilogy, what with some of the best graphics we’ve seen on the Xbox 360.

6. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

A game that’s better than Gears of War 3 but still had it’s disappointing moments, which is also why it’s not in the top 5. For some strange reason, Uncharted 3 felt a lot harder than I expected. I know I always complain games are too easy even on hard, but I decided to play on normal difficulty, so I kind of expected the game to play out that way. Instead it felt like I had chosen the next difficulty up which I just did not appreciate. The game looked visually great however, and I really like how Drake’s personality changes throughout the game. I disliked how little action there was between Elena and Drake though. Well… it was little in my eyes.

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Oh boy did I enjoy this game in it’s beta stage. Oh boy am I still enjoying this game. I absolutely loved KOTOR, and I was thrilled to know there was going to be a new game in the set franchise. Sure, everybody was slightly disappointed it wasn’t KOTOR3 but instead an MMO, but when you think about it, does it matter? The Old Republic is so good that I couldn’t give a damn that it’s not free to play. Yet. My only concern is the fact that the MMO still feels too WoW like. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I still need to get around to playing the first one in this franchise. Honestly, I had no intention on getting this game but I am really glad I did. Now even though I didn’t understand the story at first, the game began to grow on me so much that I wanted to play the game as much as I could. Adam Jensen is a badass; that’s one thing we will always remember him as… that, or the guy who looks like the dude from The Matrix. It’s just a shame the DLC was a tad disappointing.

3. Batman: Arkham City

I’m not as much as a Batman fan as I would like to be, but when it comes to the Arkham franchise, there’s a little spot in my heart for it. Playing Arkham Asylum, I honestly felt it was going to be a game where you need to know the true lore of Batman to understand it. Wrong. It was in fact a game that helped you LEARN about the lore of Batman. The same happened with Arkham City, a game which I believe certainly tops that of Arkham City by miles. Truly a game nobody should ever have to miss out… the question is though: How the heck is Rocksteady going to top Arkham City? I mean the game was near perfect…

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You might have remembered the old me, about 5 or so months ago when all I said about Skyrim was a load of bullsh- yeah. Now that I’ve actually played the game, I can honestly say that I certainly need to be kicked in the head for everything wrong I said about the game. I will always hate Oblivion, but I will always love Skyrim with everything it supplied you with, from quests to combat, to dragons. I love dragons. And it’s just like Arkham City too… how will Bethesda top this game if they make a sequel (well I’m sure a sequel is a no-brainer).

1. Portal 2

It couldn’t be anything less from me. Portal 2 is my Game of the Year for sure, if not my Game of the Year out of Red Dead Redemption and Portal 2. I still don’t get why people had many complains about this game, that it was too short, or there was no replay value etc. I bought the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 (with the PC copy free). Don’t you dare tell me there’s no replay value if there’s dedication such as that. I completed the campaign about 4 times and got 100% on all versions. It was my first Platinum, and my 8th 100% on the Xbox 360… shame to say but I still haven’t played the DLC yet. Portal 2 was probably the closest game to perfect this year for me, and I couldn’t give a damn at what anybody else said about this game. It is pure gold.  

Honorable Mentions

Rayman Origins – Loved this game so much, and really brought back memories of old Rayman. But it didn’t make it in my top 10 because there were moments I nearly screamed at how hard it could be. Sonic Generations – No doubt, this is now one of my favorite ever Sonic games, and one of the funnest. Shame about the bugs and odd story though. Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection – Two games I should never have missed out on.

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  • Couldn’t agree more with the top 3, although I would bump Deus Ex down to #5 and add Saints Row 3 to #4.

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