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Charlie’s Top 10: Best Xbox 360 Games of 2010

Now for the next one, which I should be proud of, and hardly anybody should argue at me. As mentioned before, this is my personal list, so these are, in my opinion, the best games released via the Xbox 360 this year. Again, a few are multiplatform, but do remember, we are an Xbox 360 site, so we aren’t exactly going to mention the PS3. GASP! I just did mention the PS3! GASP! I did it again! What is wrong with me? At least I didn’t mention the Wii. Oh god…

10. Bioshock 2

Now I have said in the past that Bioshock 2 is just like the first game, which indeed it is, but that doesn’t state the fact that Bioshock was very enjoyable. The very first Bioshock was just something new and fresh, which is what made it a great game. Bioshock 2 was the same game, with minor changes, but with the added multiplayer, it made everything better. Of course, I don’t play on the multiplayer as much as I would like to. Let’s just hope Bioshock Infinite will add something fresh this time, which by the looks of things, it will.

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Wait, what? Black Ops is only 9th? What is wrong with me? Maybe my ASD has something to do with it, but no. Black Ops was indeed one of the highlights of the year, but it was not the best Call of Duty I have played. The campaign was hardly as thrilling as Modern Warfare 2, but the story made sense at least. The multiplayer, was of course, near flawless and was definitely an improvement from Modern Warfare 2’s, but there were a few things it still lacked, but at the back of my mind, I’m just not sure what.

You might be driving a little too fast...

8. Blur

Blur was a very fun racing game. People called this Mario Kart for grown-ups, which I completely agree. For those who just aren’t into the childish silly games that are Mario Kart, and are 16 years old, like someone I know, then Blur will fill that gap. The campaign races are incredibly thrilling, but there are some missions which are quite difficult to conquer, and of course, this game is not for those who wish to obtain achievements, as it’s a little bit tough to do so as there are multiple objectives, but this is definitely one of the best racing games this decade. What’s that? 2010 has been the only year of this decade? Oh.

7. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

It’s just a shame that this game didn’t get the publicity it should have got. This game was definitely a highlight of the year. I think what people found unattractive by it was the fact it’s just another post-apocalyptic game, and the fact all people thought you did was take a stick and smash your enemies. But there was more to the game than that, and the game may seem too complicated, but it’s not. The characters are loveable, the story is understandable, the game is playable, and the achievements are achievable.

6. Halo: Reach

OK. I’ll admit it. I might own all the Halo’s, but this is only the second Halo I have completed, rather than my fifth. I never was originally a Halo fan, but Halo Reach has got me hooked. Of course, it’s not the best Halo around, but it certainly has the best multiplayer in my opinion, anyway. It does help explain a few things in the franchise, but of course, the ending is just predictable, so a bit more of a surprising ending would have been nice.

5. Fable III

I’ll admit this. I haven’t played Fable III. But Fable II was fun in some areas, and no doubt from what I’ve seen, Fable III looks tonnes better. I hope my mother has bought it for me for Christmas. Fable III has everything Fable II had, and more. There’s more of a danger risk than there was in Fable II and better customization, and I have just realised I’ve said Fable II and Fable III too much…

Does anybody else feel uneasy from this?

4. Fallout: New Vegas

At first, I didn’t enjoy Fallout 3, just for the fact that I had no clue what I was doing, and I was going through areas with hardly any ammo or anything. Then I started from the beginning, and I knew what to do, and I instantly got hooked. Now if I enjoyed Fallout 3 that much, then I knew that Fallout: New Vegas would be about the same (just because it’s sometimes called Fallout 3.5). And it is!

3. Alan Wake

I only knew about this game a few months prior release, but from what I saw, I couldn’t stop looking it up. In fact, I am not an administrator for the Alan Wake wiki. That’s how much of a fan of Alan Wake I am. This is yet another game that deserves more credit than it got, and of course it was up against some heavy competition, which has lead me to disown Rockstar in some ways, but not too heavily. Alan Wake was something different, as it added an atmosphere not often seen in games, and the story was absolutely rich in gold, which is why this is the game I have played most of this year, and one of the very few games I have 100% achievements for.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

A big highlight of the year. Again, you could just call this Assassin’s Creed 2.5, but with extra features added, and a stunning multiplayer, this is nearly the best Assassin’s Creed of the series. It includes possibly one of my favourite characters in any video game franchise, and it’s just an incredibly charming, and productive game. If this is 2.5, bring on Assassin’s Creed 3!

1. Red Dead Redemption

I never was a fan of GTA IV, just due to how repetitive it was, and mostly how my friend bored me to death on what you can do, but then when I tried them, they were hardly thrilling. But Red Dead Redemption is something different. The fact that it’s a sequel to the game that I used to love watching my brother played got me interested in it, and then when I played the game, it took a good while before I could stop playing it. It was tonnes better than Grand Theft Auto IV, and actually came with tonnes of min games, and this may be stupid, but it taught me to play Poker (and who said video games don’t educate). The story came with an ending that you should have seen coming, but at the back of your mind, you just couldn’t being yourself together to realise it. There’s hardly any repetition in the game, and at least this multiplayer comes with decent features.

Looking for trouble?

* I will not be making any more of these types of articles, due to the hate I recieved in the previous article, including by some of the very staff I work with.

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  • xgalaxygamerx

    good top 10 🙂

  • Bumbuliuz

    It´s a bit hard to look at a list like this and not seeing Mass Effect 2 and feeling it´s incomplete.

  • Anon

    ummm… do you even play video games… seriously, who are you, do you even play every game or just occasionally buy some, where the hell is Mass Effect 2, one of the greatest games of all time, just sayin’ your list is missing something.

  • xander70769

    dude, how can you put blur, odyssey, fable 3, or alan wake on here without putting mass effect 2…

  • Celentis

    I kept waiting to see Mass Effect 2 show up, how you can include blur, fable and fallout ahead of Mass Effect 2 is criminal. You sir = EPIC FAIL.

  • Gangalord

    I’m not going to blast your opinion, but I will certainly take the opportunity to criticise your tone in this article. I also feel that you should not be allocating games random positions unless you have played them first.

  • Punchy Joe

    Did you not play 10 games this year? Otherwise, why put in Fable 3 when you haven’t played it?

    You’re entitled to your opinion and all, but including a game that you haven’t played in your top 10 for the year comes across as very lazy.

  • Lee

    RED DEAD FTW!!!!! XD

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