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Charlie Murray Leaves Nave360

So… it’s sad right? At least I hope it’s sad. I want one of you to shed a tear please. If I don’t find out one of you shed a tear, I’ll come aknocking. Witty comments aside (for now), this review right here will be my last “official” post with Nave360 (minus this goodbye one of course). I say “official”. I’ll explain soon. If you haven’t been following my twitter, you may know I don’t post all too often, purely because I’ve barely had the time. I won’t stop using twitter for years yet, but I’m just saying it gets hard to do anything these days. I now work for Morrisons (the UK supermarket chain) and I’m also doing a university course in Creative Digital Media (whether I’ll stick to the course, I don’t know. I do want to be a video games designer after all). With these in mind, I’ve not been writing on Nave360. You may have notice that it’s just been Cryss who has been writing everything. Thank you’s will be in a moment. Now the reason why I said “official” earlier is because whilst I will no longer be posting on Nave360 as part of the staff “officially”, I will still be around very briefly. I’ll still be there to say hi or maybe just to pop in a suggestion or two, and who knows: maybe I’ll come back or want to write a review because I feel like it. Heck I’m welcome back anytime apparently. But as for now, these will be my last words (not of my life you silly billys). It’s surprising to see how much I’ve written. I was surprised just how popular my “Do You Remember?” and my “Have You Played…” articles were. Unfortunately when I brought back “Do You Remember?”, it tanked but feh. The article I believe I have the most hits for was this one: 5 Anticipated, Yet Release Games of 2011 You’ve Forgotten About, which reached 990 degrees on N4G. How about that. That was a tremendous day. And it was also an amazing day when Nave360 (or me, since I wrote the article) became the first one to break the news about the Mystery Microsoft Points being Added to XBL Accounts. That was a good day. Now it’s time for thank you’s. First off, I would like to thank Ben Gray. Why Ben first? Because he’s the one who got me working for the idiot (in a nice way) that is Seb. If I hadn’t seen Ben’s tweet that a site called “Gamenoob” was looking for news writers, I probably wouldn’t be here today. That, believe it or not, happened in April 2010 (which you might also remember was when the Icelandic volcano exploded, leaving Seb trapped over Poland. So for all that Ben, we’ve had our disagreements, but thank you so much. Next, I’d like to say thank you to John Whitehouse. If you followed me during “Gamenoob”, John was the “official” owner of Gamenoob… there’s that word again. “Official”. I say official this time because I spoke to Seb more than John, so you could see my reasons. But no matter how much I screwed up, John was actually surprisingly alright with it, and he didn’t judge my work. Even when we left to join Nave360, he was disappointed in me but he didn’t think of me different. For all that John, I thank you too. Next I’d like to thank Daniel Brookes. Now sadly I didn’t speak to Dan that much during my time, but that was OK because it was all totaled up in the small talks we had on twitter. Most of the time we did talk it was trying to help him with something on Nave360. It’s funny because he was working for Seb way before I joined. But it was all OK because it was all fun and games in my mind, and it kept me busy. So for that, thanks Dan. Next I’d like to thank Gabriel Castro. We didn’t speak much, but when we did we got on well. It was weird to have you on board because you lived across the seas, so whenever we were asleep, you would write. And your reviews were always brilliant. It’s a wonder why you stopped because they were way better than mine and everybody liked them. Even your news articles, they were brilliant. But even so, thank you. Cryss Leonhart. Oh Cryss. How you annoy me (kidding!). Last year, I convinced Cryss to write for us at Nave360. I honestly didn’t believe he would actually want to write, and to begin with, he was slightly wary about it. A year later, he’s still here and he’s now written more than me I think. I knew Cryss many years ago when we met on a forum for the guys who created the Machinima “Dude, Where’s My Mount”. It just so happens I now write for those guys too. Oh how far we’ve come. I remember when I asked you to voice “Cryss” in my WoW Machinima I wanted to make called “Kran & Conscience”. How I wish I still could of made that. It used to be me writing all the news. Then you came along. Thank you Cryss. EDIT: I also forgot to thank Emma Baxter. She’s been my best friend for many years. She’s played a big role in my life, and I hope I’ve played a big role in hers too. Even though she’s not exactly tied with my Nave360 work, I wanted to include her anyway! There was one more person… but I’ve forgotten his name. Umm… give me a second…. That’s right! How could I forget the one person who I’ve been a rival with, have fought many battles over twitter; someone I don’t always agree with and always annoys me with how much he hates stuff I love and loves stuff I hate. That’s right. I’m talking about you Daniel (@Wanyal)… I mean Seb Gorgon. But when you think about it, that still sounded like Dan. Anyway. Seb. You have been a pain, but you’ve still been brilliant. We’ve had our fights (mostly publicly over twitter) but since then we’ve settled our differences and we have a mutual friendship. It was funny how when we met, I learned that you also lived in my county. That was also when you were stuck in Poland because of the volcano, which I still laugh at you getting stuck over there till this day. But despite our differences, you’ve strangely seen me as such a big part of Nave360 and it’s been a weird 2 and a half years. I know you didn’t want me to stop writing, but some things come to an end. Nave360 will one day; here’s hoping it’s not too soon, especially right after I’ve left. Don’t you dare give up with this site Seb. No matter how much I’ve predicted it doomed to fail (and you know I have before), I want you to make this site big. Can you do it? Of course not (haha). But you can still try, and that’s all that matters. Just because I’ve given up, you shouldn’t. Final thank yous go to Daniel (@Wanyal), Daniel (@KingDingDan), Ben (@BenMeetsWorld), the guys at @PostABargain (love you guys), especially Martin (@ParkoVanB), the crew at @NewbReview, including Kieran (@Crofterz) and Adam (@itsactuallyadam) and… oh. That’s all I can think of. If I’ve missed you off but you’ve played a big part in my life whilst I’ve been at Nave360, a massive thank you to you too. Sorry if I’ve forgotten you… there’s just too many of you to remember. Yes, I also know this is a poorly written article. It’s my goodbye article, I’ll write it how I like. I’ll even add this: rhnfrefnbrefnjweokjfnoren So that’s it. That’s the end. You know where to find me. Twitter: @Kranitoko YouTube: KranitokoGames I’ll see you later guys. Bye x (hey look. I added a kiss… gross)

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