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Catherine Demo Retrospective

So the Catherine demo hit the US Playstation store and US Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday. It’s a JRPG from Atlus, the people behind Persona so naturally, I was really excited to see what it was like… From what I can fathom so far, the story behind it is that your being thrust into a decision to either get with Catherine or Katherine. Trust me there’s a big difference. So the game plays out with traditional choice elements which highlights the moral system, and the choices from this moral system affects how your character acts within game; but the moral system is chosen by texts you send your respective lovers which will ultimately see which way the paths take; multiple endings here I come. The game warns of partial nudity by the way, and it’s for the guy; those getting their hopes up, but I am expecting a truckload of fan service. The main game section involves puzzles as you move up floors of blocks during the protagonists night terrors; the frantic pace even on easy mode threw me off and kept me racing to the top. The puzzles are also quite difficult however and this is mostly due to the pressure from the creature that will drag you to the bottom. Being an anime game, Catherine sets the looks apart. Sometimes I feel that my main character looks better in the game than he does the cutscenes, having some akward wrinkles etc, but these are mere niggles. Catherine seems to be a game of good fun, and whether its released in the UK may be questionable, but if so I might grab an import copy and give you a full review; if only to survive the video game drought of the summer. For those buying the Playstation copy you get Catherine on the front, for those buying it on the Xbox you get Katherine, and trust me… you will realise the difference.

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