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Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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The battle between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 has come to an end… but who is the winner? It’s a close call. What’s rather weird about the two games is that they kind of opposite each other in their own ways. Give me a moment whilst I try to elaborate (prepare for many comparisons). Battlefield 3 doesn’t come out every year (Medal of Honor doesn’t really count) so in no way are many people so annoyed about this franchise as much as Call of Duty. Yet when Call of Duty comes out, it tends to be people like me who complain about how there is a new game every year. I’ve been told that there is a 2 year cycle on a game, but to be honest, if a game went to 3, so much more work could be done; I mean Activision has the money. After playing Modern Warfare 3, this franchise just needs a long break. Infinity Ward needs to try and sort itself out more than it has, Sledgehammer needs to go make that new franchise they said they’d love to make, and Treyarch really needs to come up with something original. In the form of a review, here’s why the franchise needs a break. The single player literally takes place right after the events of Modern Warfare 2, where Soap managed to defeat Shepherd, but was beaten and stabbed in the process. Price and Nikolai manage to get him evacuated to a safe house (they can’t really go to a hospital as they’re still wanted by Makarov). A month or so after these events, the Russian president, Boris Vorshevsky plans to make peace with the United States of America. Unfortunately, Makarov shows up and kidnaps the president of Russia, and aims to capture his daughter too. Makarov’s plan is to start a nuclear war, and the president is the only one who has the launch codes, so Makarov needs to some how get it out of him. Of course Soap, Price and their mysterious new friend Yuri all have something else to say about that. If you’ve played the first two Modern Warfare games, then you will may be satisfied by the ending (sort of). However the story only barely brings itself together, and wraps itself in so many predictable moments that you’ll wish you were playing Modern Warfare 2 instead. However there were many scripted moments in the game that made you feel like you were in Uncharted, which were actually pretty cool. And as for the scene which “might be offensive or upset”… my mouth just dropped to the sense that you just wonder how Infinity Ward could get away with that (Oh wait. They can’t. Because now Parliament is after them for it).  However at least the single player makes more sense than Battlefield 3, because the single player story for that was just a total utter mess. Oh and the single player is way too short, just like Battlefield 3. I also played on Hardened difficulty, and I still completed the campaign on the exact same day as I got the game. One thing I just do not get is why Infinity Ward did not even try in terms of textures and graphics. I know they lost a lot of staff members meaning that the game may feel a little dated, but if this was the case then they should have given this game at least another year to teach people how to texture properly. There were many times that I walked through a door and thought “Oh god, this door. Did they not even try?” because the door was just a flat box with a texture slapped on it; no chamfers, no extruding, just a box. We do not live in the year 2001 anymore, and such graphics are not excusable in this era of games. It wasn’t just that one door, because there were quite a few items that had poor textures and graphics, and I just won’t bore you to tears with every item that had poor texturing. Modern Warfare 3 see’s the return of Spec Ops, which believe it or not has been given a tune up. When in Spec Ops, you get to choose whether you want to do the co-op missions like in Modern Warfare 2 or play with a friend in a survival mode. Let’s start with the survival mode, which sadly will only let you play with one other friend, so already the survival mode is nothing like Zombies. The survival mode has a completely separate leveling system to the main multiplayer, so you’re essentially leveling up on two separate things in the game. While the leveling up may be different, the maps are not as the survival mode maps are the exact same ones as the multiplayer ones. This is a pure sign that Activision needs to either give this franchise a break (to allow more work) or to not even bother in a mode if you’re just going to be stupid and not even try. Oh but of course, Call of Duty get’s Activision their sales. No wonder their other games fail, no wonder Singularity (a game with a great single player story, but with slightly poor multiplayer servers) didn’t get the sales, because all Activision focuses on is Call of Duty! If Activision waited another year before they released a Call of Duty, they could at least ask their developers to create 10 new and different maps to go into survival mode. If they did that, then maybe my review would be less harsh. Back to the survival mode, and it literally is just surviving many hordes of enemies. You start off with a pistol, where in the first three rounds, one by one you will receive access to ammo/weapons, explosives and air support/perks. Just like in multiplayer, you’ll be allowed to upgrade and add attachments your weapons, such as adding a sight to it, or adding a silencer. Of course you can only unlock such attachments by leveling up. When you die or quit the game, don’t expect to go back into survival mode and all your weapons will already be customized, because this is not the multiplayer. Every time you begin a game, you start with a pistol and work your way back up every time, which actually feels more natural and challenging. The more you kill, the more cash you earn, and the cash is what you need to buy your ammo, weapons, air strikes, perks and so on. One thing that bugs me so much about survival is that the AI are so dumb. Most of the time they will just run around the corner and walk right into your gun. I mean sure they require a lot more bullets than AI in the single player but come on, these AI are supposed to be soldiers, and yet they don’t look like it (Although Battlefield 3 also had dumb AI, it wasn’t as bad as MW3). You can play survival mode on your own, but lets face it… everything is better with a friend. While survival mode may have it’s faults, it’s still addicting (even more so than the actual multiplayer in my opinion). Once you’ve planted some bullets in the survival mode, you can move onto the missions. Unfortunately for shooters like Call of Duty, the missions just feel like the same missions we played in Modern Warfare 2, except with different maps. If you don’t know how these missions work, then here’s the lowdown. Each mission will award you up to three stars, depending on your time, or depending on the difficulty you decided to play on (Regular, Hardened or Veteran). Missions will vary from silent ones, where you need to try and get to your location unnoticed, to breaching the exact same plane from the single player, to protecting your friend while he is on the ground and you are setting up sentries from various points on the map (this is the only mission which “requires” two people, while others can be played solo). While doing these missions is always best with two people, it’s good that 15 out of 16 missions will let you play alone. I was a little disappointed to see there were no “Infinity Ward” best time in these missions, but perhaps the ones that did those times were one of those who left IW. A lot of the missions will feel like remakes of some single player missions however, which is rather a drag too but there’s no point in me wasting my time in telling you the same thing I just told you about “reusing”. Speaking of which, did you know they reused some buildings in the game from previous Modern Warfare games? Finally it’s time for what people call the main event… the multiplayer. Combine the multiplayers in Call of Duty 4-7 and remove a few features and you’ll have Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. The end. That is literally all there is to the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 3. OK so there are a few minor differences, and I’m sorry to say, but I won’t go into massive detail about the multiplayer because I’d literally be writing the same things as my Black Ops review. In this multiplayer, you can actually see all 3 of your point streaks in the game (yes they have a new name), where as in previous multiplayers, your kill streaks would stack and you’d forget what kill streaks you just earned. There are also some brand new point streaks to go in your strike chain such as Juggernaut (Yes, you actually get to be one!) and Osprey Gunner which not only allows you to be the gunner of a V-22 Osprey, but it will also drop four care packages for your team. Depending on which set you choose will depend on the point streaks, so if you’re more of a person who prefers to go full on attack, then “Assault” is your best set, where as “Support” would be best if you’re more of a background guy. There are also some new maps, which of course most, if not all of the maps are just multiplayer versions of single player missions (You should know how multiplayers work by now. Ain’t nothing original). What is great about the multiplayer is that you can level up your weapons just like in Battlefield 3, so if you have a favorite weapon that feels like it’s not that powerful as it was an hour ago, now you can make it powerful with level specific upgrades. I was rather disappointed that there was no wager matches in the multiplayer, because they added a sense of fun and risk to the dry multiplayer that Call of Duty can be. While they took out Wager mode, they added in just two brand new modes; Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Out of the two, Kill Confirmed is by far the most interesting because you only get the kill if you pick up the enemy dog tags. If somebody else picks up the dog tag of their comrade (and your enemy) then the kill is denied and no point is awarded to the team score. And what is Call of Duty Elite exactly? Honestly, I don’t even know. To me it just seems like a way of Activision to get money for you to see extra statistics, but not doubt it’s much more than that. Call of Duty is cracking on the inside, whilst on the outside, people are still falling into Activision’s trap. Call of Duty is crying out for a break and Activision needs to see this before things get majorly out of hand. This year alone, Call of Duty has lost so many more mature grown up fans and have gained so many pathetic, high pitched kids. Is that what Activision want? Are little kids the audience Activision is aiming for with an 18+ game? So the winner of the battle is: Battlefield 3 with its outright brilliant multiplayer.

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