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Bungie Day 2011 Recap

Yesterday was a day of celebration, Halo one of the Xbox’s defining titles, and very rare exclusives celebrated a decade of space marines. This was also tied in with Bungies 20th year and their final goodbye to the series they created. With that in mind Bungie took to reach, to defend their title from Bungie vs the World last year, and to those who played yesterday and did not get to see the staff in combat, just remember that you helped those who took Bungie on train and win. It was nice to say the World took Bungie down. The final score was Bungie 48 : 83 World and the playlist was great fun full of thousands of avid Halo players all ready to go for steaks and some lucky guys actually topped Bungies team by +20, enjoy those steaks boys you earned them. So Bungie are moving on, the site is going to change as they focus on the new universe they are creating, for those still interested and havn’t already disowned Bungie their next game is an exciting prospect. And for halo…. well the remake of the original hits shelves later this year for those who didn’t play Blood Gulch originally and the next trilogy will start late 2012 so fans will not be without Master Chief. Bungie we salute you, thanks for 10 years of gaming at it’s best, heres hoping many more for both yourselfs and Halo. If you were there on 7/7/2011 feel free to post your highlights in the comments below, I look forward to reading them.

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