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Bulletstorm DLC Out Now… (Yes. That’s Right!)

I know right. There was DLC announced for Bulletstorm, but there had been no information, or any news on pricing or release date. And all of a sudden, EA have released DLC for the “Epic” game (I’m good at puns!).   The DLC, titled Gun Sonata, includes five new maps (three for Anarchy mode and 2 for Echoes mode), and two new leash attatchments.   Anarchy Maps:
  • Sewers of Stygia
  • Hotel Elysium
  • Villa
Echoes Maps:
  • Guns of Stygia
  • Crash Site
The DLC adds 5 brand new achievements, and oddly enough, on the Games for Windows Live edition, it adds 5 extra achievements (that’s 10 in total on the GFWL version) which are unattainable, confirming the release of a new map pack real soon. The new maps for the second upcoming DLC are said to be called:
  • Mean Street
  • Mini City
  • Monorail Factory
  • Rock Quarry
  • Ulysses
The newest DLC costs 800 MSP (at least it’s not 1200…).

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