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Bulletstorm: Demo Impressions

“Creatively kill your way through a metric-f**k-ton of mutated spuds!” is one of the lines that Bulletstorm’s profanity-loving protagonist Grayson Hunt uses to introduce you to the demo of Bulletstorm, and it’s a sign of things to come. Grayson Hunt is like Marcus Fenix’s slightly-less badass cousin that uses an extreme amount of profanities in order to not be outdone by his badass cousin. Yet, he’s just as awesome. The Bulletstorm demo allows you to take control of Grayson and playthrough Echoes mode, a mode dedicated entirely to earning the most Skillpoints possible across a map filled with, well, mutated spuds of course! Skillpoints, for those of you that have no prior Bulletstorm knowledge, is the in-game system that rewards you with points for killing with skill. You see, Bulletstorm really is unlike any other FPS you have played before. Instead of trying to dispatch your enemies with pinpoint precision and in an ultra-quick fashion, Bulletstorm encourages you to play with your enemies, toy with them. Like a cat toys with a ball of yarn. And it works. It’s extremely satisfying to suspend your enemy in mid-air while you run over multiple options and ways in which to maximise the amount of Skillpoints earned from the dangling foe. Once you’ve bought out your sadistic, creative, or frankly bizarre inner-self, you then move on to the next enemy, and do it all again.

But the Skillshots would only be fun if there’s variety. Luckily, there is. Bulletstorm provides you with four weapons in the demo: The Leash is your trusty tool that is used to grab enemies and sling them towards you, suspending them in mid-air, slow-mo style to give you time to decide the fate of the unfortunate leashee, the Peacemaker Carbine is the standard gun used by Grayson and friends and it’s similar in looks to Gears of War’s Hammerburst, showing Epic’s influence on the game, the Flail Gun shoots out an explosive that wraps itself around enemy limbs and is a LOT of fun to play around with, and finally, the Screamer is an extreme revolver that’s capable of firing what can only be described as a firework. See, Bulletstorm is crazy folks!

Besides the crazy, yet awesomely unique gameplay, a few other things stand out from the demo. The graphics are great, what else did you expect from the Unreal Engine? The voice-acting is hilarious and some of the phrases Grayson comes out with in the demo alone with have you giggling like a small child. Finally, Echo mode is great and is likely you have people fighting for the top spot on the leaderboards from release, couple this with what looks to be a mental, over-the-top campaign mode and a co-operative multiplayer game type similar to Horde, and Bulletstorm looks to be on to a motherf**kin’ winner. Dammit Grayson and your profanities! Check below for Nave360’s own Charlie with his runthrough of the Bulletstorm demo and then download the demo from Xbox LIVE to see if you can beat his score!

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  • Nice Review! Downloading it now!

  • The demo is short but I like it. The multiplayer is gonna be mayhem. I hope its not a one trick pony, the length of the demo concerns my a little.

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