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Published on June 12th, 2011 | by Ben Gray


Bulletstorm ‘Blood Symphony’ DLC released

The second downloadable content for Bulletstorm has been released. Wait, there was a first? It seems that People Can Fly are being very spontaneous and quiet when it comes to releasing more content for their critically acclaimed shooter which released back in February. You tend to hear about these packs on the day they’re released, which is quite an unusual thing for the developer to do, which is probably why not many people even know there’s DLC for this game. The second pack, called ‘Blood Symphony’ includes another two maps for the game’s Echoes mode. The first of which is Monorail, which takes place on a monorail transport hub, and the second is Mean Streets, which is set in Westminster the streets of Elysium. But that’s not all; there’s three new maps for the multiplayer Anarchy mode (which by the way is a brilliant mode if you haven’t played it already), which includes Mini City, Rock Quarry and Ulysses – the former two are self-explanatory, the latter of which is set in the jail hub of a ship. Also not mentioned in the description is a new variant of the Echoes mode titled ‘Ultimate Echoes’ which “combine challenges and a new way to play every Echo map and a new Leaderboard to boot”. And for the achievement horses out there, there’s another 5 achievements included in the DLC for your gamerscore pleasure. The Blood Symphony pack for Bulletstorm will set you back 800MSP on Xbox Live and is also out on PC, with the PS3 version releasing soon at an unspecified date. That’s right folks, Bulletstorm is a good game, you did not just buy it to get early beta access. Thanks, Bulletscores.

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