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Borderlands coming to Xbox One via Backwards compatibility

If you are one of millions of Borderlands fans who bought the game on Xbox 360 and you own an Xbox One and want to go back and replay it then you’re in luck, Today Microsoft announced Borderlands is coming to Xbox One via the Backwards Compatibility which is coming to all Xbox One owners this November. You will be able to carry over your previously-saved files and game’s downloadable content. My opinion I think it’s great to see more games added to the backwards compatibility program, I hope to see games like Red Dead Redemption and some previous Call of Duty titles such as World at War, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2, but let’s face it… Between Rockstar’s silence and length of time they do anything these days and Activisions never-ending hunger for more of your money (they would rather have you buy Black Ops 3 instead of allowing you to play older call of duty titles on your new console), likely hood of those titles being added to the program are probably as likely as Nvidia dropping G-Sync for AMD’s free alternative called FreeSync.

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