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Blizzards Annual Pass

The online activation key pass is the biggest word in today’s gaming vocabulary and now even Blizzard are getting in on the action announcing the “World of Warcraft Annual Pass” The pass consists of signing up your bank balance to a 12 month World of Warcraft subscription, where the money will come out monthly, tri-monthly or whatever payment plan you choose. However you cannot cancel your subscription until the 12 month period is up. So to make this a viable choice for players, they are offering a few incentives; the first is a free copy of Diablo 3 available for download upon release, the second is access to the new expansion beta with the final being a unique in game mount for every character you currently own or ever make. The Tyrael’s Charger mount will scale to the players level as both a ground level and flying mount. So is this enough to sign up for 12 months of World of Warcraft or is it a sign that the MMO giants hold over it’s user base is slipping?

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