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Published on October 22nd, 2010 | by Charlie


Black Ops to Have 15 Prestige Levels

Yes. 15! Modern Warfare had 10, so Treyarch has to go 15. If you don’t know what Prestige Levels are, basically, once you reach the top level (in Black Ops/Treyarch’s case, Level 50) you have the option to “Prestige”. If you do, you’ll lose all your earned weapons, killstreaks etc. and drop to level 1. At the same time, you’ll earn exclusive emblems and tags, and you’ll be able to level up again. Vahn Vonder Haar, director of the multiplayer for Black Ops, recently posted on his twitter about this: “Number of Prestige levels explained. Requires COD HQ membership. The answer is 15.” In total, that’s 750 levels to gain… up from Modern Warfare 2’s 700 levels. Wow…. Good Luck guys! Hehe.

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