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CoD: Black Ops – Mission 4: How Long Did It Take You In Veteran?

Now we’ve all heard about mission 5 (SOG), with the barrels, where you can’t shoot them and that you have to get up close to them and kick them down the hill. But that’s hardly a problem to what I am about to ask. In mission 4, known as “Executive Order”, the level where you are to stop the launch, there is a section at the end of the level where you are travelling through the base, but the thing is, endless amount of enemies spawn, trying to kill you. However, this section may seem easy in regular difficulty… but we are not asking how easy it was in regular. We want to know how long this took you in “Veteran Difficulty”. People who have told me about this level have said that this level is near impossible to complete in Veteran, and that it has taken them countless hours to complete just this section of the level. I agree. Personally, it took me 3 hours of gametime to get to the checkpoint at the end of the long corridor, in which I was increasing relieved about. If you are still clueless on what part of the level I am talking about, check the below video from out playthrough/walkthrough (I have edited out the deaths though). We ask again, HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU?

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  • Dan

    i did it first try on vet, u all are pussys

    • Dan Lover

      Blinded and with a hand on your back…. are you Chuck?!

  • Cstrand31

    Fucking ridiculous! Took me almost 2 hours. And now my tv has a controller shaped hole in it.

  • Johndoe

    Exceptionally frustrating…wanted to punch a hole in my coffee table about 40 times during that mission. Just poor level design. Took me 3.5 hours just to get to that locker room checkpoint…

  • i sat 4 hrs aday for 3 days to get past it then on the 4tth i said fuck it and some how managed to hit some guys with a frag and sprint through

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