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Black Ops Map Pack #3 – Annihilation

The third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops has been revealed to be called Annihilation. The new map pack contains 4 new maps and 1 brand new zombie map (like all the other DLC’s basically). As always, the DLC will come first on the Xbox 360 before moving onto other platforms a month later. The release date for the map pack is to be the 28th June 2011 for the Xbox 360. The first map, Hangar 18, is said to be based around Area 51, and is a map where you try to hold down the hanger, if you were going for the strategic approach. There’s something for everybody for this map, such as sniper points for you sneaky snipers. The second map, Drive-In, is a map that’s said to base itself around the map, Nuke Town. Despite a wide open area in the middle of the map, it is a relatively small map. The third map, Silo, is a Russian based map, and is said to be one of the largest maps in the game. It’s basically a nuclear missile building site, and may be a map favoured by those who like to take their time when playing multiplayer. The fourth map, Hazards, was based on Cliffside, a World at War map… and it has a golf course! This map will favour those who prefer long range distance killing. The zombie map is set in Shangri-La, where Treyarch believe that this map may take a few things in the game to the next level. It will contain traps, escape routes and has those “at the last second” approaches. The map pack will be priced at 1200MSP/£10.99. Check out the video preview and screenshots below:

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