Published on November 11th, 2010 | by Charlie


Black Ops 24-Hour Sales Kill Modern Warfare 2

Did you really think Modern Warfare 2 would still hold the record for the fastest selling game of all time after Black Ops? Well then shame on you! Activision wasn’t hesitating to post a press release on this news, but it has been told that Black Ops earned $360 million in just the first 24-hours, beating out Modern Warfare 2’s $310 million in 24-hours. That means around 5.5 million copies were sold in just 24-hours! Treyarch, you have outdone yourselves, and you should be proud of it! Just to compare this with a movie, this game has sold more copies in 24-hours than Avatar (movie) in 3D did in the first week. Yes, movie tickets and game copies are completely different, but put it this way. More people have bought the game than the amount who saw the movie. Congratulations Treyarch and Activision for your victory… but will next year’s Call of Duty by Sledgehammer Games beat it?

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