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MAJOR UPDATE: Battlefield 3 Beta Date Announced

A recent update has been released by Daniel Matros, Community Manager for DICE, and said this over his twitter: “The announcement for the #BF3 beta will be communicated through our Official Channels. Not by any other channel on Saturday….” Again, 2 hours later, he reminded us: “To clarify: Any announcement on a #BF3 Beta will be made from our official channels. No ETA has been given for beta yet.” Personally, I too found it a bit strange how @SupportEA revealed the “date”, and yet EA didn’t on their twitter. Hopefully you didn’t get too excited. You could consider this a good update. Why? The beta may be closer than October! Yes! Finally! The date for the beta has finally been revealed. It must be a close date, right? …. Right? Wrong. In actual fact, the beta is to begin in October… yes. Exactly 1 year after Medal of Honor’s release, in which new copies contained a leaflet stating that a beta would be released in the next year. EA, you just had to wind us up, didn’t you? It was reported today by @SupportEA in a tweet, which you can see below:

Don’t worry. There are tonnes of other [EA] games to play on throughout the year while you wait.

Battlefield 3 is expected to be released near the end of this year.

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