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Published on September 26th, 2010 | by Charlie


“Apparent” Black Ops Achievements

So there’s been this list of Achievements going around and it’s believed to be Black Ops. The achievements were leaked by a site named CheatCC. They were the first to reveal the “apprently real” achievements list for Black Ops. Nobody knows for sure if these are real, but two things people have picked up on is a 0G achievement and none of the mission achievements have the mission titles of the currently announced missions. However, there have been 0G achievements before, for example, Halo 3’s vidmaster achievements, and not only that, but mission titles may change over time. Here is the list, and tell us on what you think. Real, or fake?
  • Once a Hero… (25 points): Complete “DogTags” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Dogtags (10 points): Countered the ambush on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • The Lion Sleeps (25 points): Complete “The Wild” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Here Comes The Chopper (25 points): Complete “Blue Skies” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Jungle Fever (10 points): Escaped the burning jungle on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Absolute Zero (25 points): Complete “Chills” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Avalanche (25 points): Complete “The Peak” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only.
  • Snow White (10 points): Invaded the Mountain Base successfully on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • A Walk In The Park (25 points): Complete “Summertime” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Lovely View (25 points): Complete “To The Top” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Urban Assault (10 points): Hijacked the Radio Signals on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • New Neighbours (25 points): Complete “Coming To Town” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Embargo (25 points): Complete “Port of Disaster” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • This Town Aint Big Enough (25 points): Complete “A City in Flames” on Veteran Difficulty”. (Solo Only).
  • The Epiphany (10 points): Found the truth about the war on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Knowledge Is Power (25 points): Complete “For the Greater Good” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Room 101 (25 points): Complete “Torture” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Unbreakable (10 points): Retrieved the information and never gave it away on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Puppets (25 points): Complete “Orders” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Defiance (25 points): Complete “Rebel With A Cause” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Our Own Orders (10 points): Fought for our beliefs on and Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • 1984 (25 points): Complete “Exposed” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Everyone Achieves More (25 points): Complete “Old Friends” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • …Always A Hero (25 points): Complete “The Final Stand” on Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • For Generations To Come (10 points): Concealed the truth to protect the nation on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Protector (50 points): Complete the Game on any Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • The Perfect Soldier (100 points): Complete the Game on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • Minesweeper (10 points): Destroy 5 Mid-air Mines before they Explode.
  • Fight Everything With Fire (10 points): Kill 20 Soldiers with Incendiary Ammo.
  • No Guts… (10 points): Complete a Level without firing a single shot.
  • Devastator (25 points): Kill 100 Enemies in 30 Seconds in “A City in Flames”.
  • Big Boss (30 points): Complete all 3 stealth missions without being seen.
  • Good Hunting (10 points): Kill 10 Soldiers with a Crossbow.
  • No Glory (0 points): Die in the process of a Machete Slash.
  • Intelligence (20 points): Collect half of the reports. (Solo Only).
  • Know-It-All (50 points): Collect all of the reports. (Solo Only).
  • Invincible (15 points): Survive “Torture” without dying on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty. (Solo Only).
  • No One Fights Alone (10 points): Complete any mission on any Difficulty in private or co-op.
  • Wrong Prescription (10 points): Kill 5 Soldiers using a Sniper Rifle without the Scope.
  • Tree Hugger (15 points): Complete “The Wild” without burning any of the jungle.
  • A Kind Heart (10 points): Complete “Rebel With A Cause” without killing any innocent civilians.
  • What Comes Around… (10 points): Kill 10 Soldiers with ricochet bullets.
  • Real Estate Aint Cheap (25 points): Destroy all the Landmarks in “Blue Skies”. (Solo Only).
  • Dare to Pair (10 points): Complete any missions on any Difficulty in public or co-op.
  • Juggler (20 points): Kill 4 Soldiers in a row using all 4 different grenades.
  • A Hot Mess (15 points): Kill 7 Soldiers with one Molotov.
  • An Army of One (40 points): Proved that nothing will stand in your way (Solo Only).
If this is real… no zombie achievements….

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