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A Weekend at Eurogamer – Saturday 29th September 2012

It’s Saturday 29th September 2012 and I wanted to make sure I got to Eurogamer before the doors opened; with 5 minutes to spare, I realised the queue at 10AM in the morning was immense, but here I hoped the queues for the big games weren’t that big yet and how wrong was I. The first game I went over to was Black Ops 2. After meeting up with a friend on twitter, we went our own ways; while he probably played 3 or 4 games, I was stuck in an hour and a half long queue for a game I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed. Did I? Well sort of. Each person played 2 rounds of multiplayer, each which consisted of 4 teams of 3 people (yes, 4 teams if you don’t already know about this). The choice of weapons and perks was major, since everything was unlocked so I appreciate the chance to pick and choose and not be limited. When playing, one thing I did like was the map interactivity. There’s one map set around a train station, and every so often a train would fly past, which could crash into you if you get in it’s way… I just missed being hit by one. Killstreaks are now earned by how many points you earn before you die, which I think makes the game more fair to those who earn hundreds of points in a match whilst people like me only get the assists; the assists actually mean something now. Apart from that, it played pretty much like Black Ops 1… Next I moved across to the Warface booth where I ran into Peter Papadopoulos (@sidetwo on twitter). He used to work for Remedy Entertainment as a Community Manager but now does the same job at Crytek. Warface wasn’t that bad to be honest; it’s certainly a lot slower than most shooters, but to know its free-to-play is quite fair. I wasn’t that impressed graphically, but why should they matter so much? Later I watched (not participated mind you) some others play Dance Central 3, and yes sure it’s all fun and everything, but Dance Central 3 is slightly starting to disappoint me now because the changes are so minimalistic or just don’t matter at all; they’d be better off just releasing DLC packs. It wasn’t long until I caught up with friends, and one thing they wanted to try out was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whilst the SEGA team played the aliens, we played at the marines. Playing with an Xbox 360 controller was extremely sluggish, and was only slightly better with PC controls. I will admit however that the multiplayer was certainly enjoyable and difficult. The aliens could leap long distances and sneak right above you, so there’s literally fear when playing: literally! Other games I played included Dream, which is about a man who enters his dreams to find a lifetime ambition. The section I played included a maze where you have to turn off the lights whilst a smoke monster hunted you down. It’s definitely a game I will keep on my radar. I also got a chance to play Assassins Creed III: Liberation, and sadly I didn’t enjoy it purely because the Vita controls were difficult to get to grips with; it’s one of those games you can’t just drop in and out with just a brief look at the controls. Next I move onto a game which has been panned by many but praised by critics: DMC: Devil May Cry. I too was quite sceptical by this game, and since I had never played the originals, did I have the right? I slightly enjoyed the demo; it was colourful and vibrant and varied in difficulty, and whilst it’s certainly not a day one purchase for it, it’s definitely something I would want to play. The demo involved demons (I think they were demons) that would deform the environment and you had to use the platforming skills to defeat them. One game I was excited to play today was Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and sadly it was over in a flash; I wish I had more time to get into it because it was definitely heart pounding. Car chases were intense alongside any destruction you may cause. Most Wanted is a Need for Speed which requires your full attention; the controls aren’t simplistic; you can’t just turn a corner on full speed and expect to recover as if you turn a corner on full speed, you WILL crash, so you’ll be using brake a lot. This is one game that will convert those who don’t use brake into those who do. My friends also made me play Company of Heroes 2, a RTS by Relic Entertainment. The demo was rather long, and there were moments I had no idea what was going on; were troops appearing out of no where because they had to, or did I just have unlimited troops? It was a confusing, but rough battle but fortunately, I was victorious. Finally whilst I didn’t play this game, it’s certainly one unique game, and no doubt there will be some “green peace” (or whatever) people complaining about animal cruelty. Tokyo Jungle is where you can play as an animal, and it’s basically about surviving what I think is an apocalyptic Tokyo. The graphics were very low par, but the gameplay got quite graphic, from fighting with other animals to mating; yes, MATING ANIMALS! Tomorrow is my last day at Eurogamer and I will try the Wii U for sure. Take a look at more pictures I took today, including more cosplayers.

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