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A Day at Eurogamer – Friday 23rd September 2011

Finally. Friday arrived. The day I went to Eurogamer. Of course, little did I know that at the end of it, my feet would feel like they’ve been through a blender. It was a 2 and a half hour coach drive to Eurogamer (I went with my college class) and I managed to get a press wrist band. The normal bands were blue while “Normal Press” was a highlighter yellow colour. When I got into the expo, the first place I went to was to the OnLive area because I heard they were giving out free consoles of OnLive and I WANTED ONE!! Instead, I ended up having a quick talk with one of the OnLive experts, and I did learn a few things about OnLive that I didn’t know before. Here’s a few things I found out:
  • They are working on being able to change your account from US to UK. Some UK folk made a US account and of course, they can’t transfer their games over to a UK account, so they are working on that for people who might go abroad or something.
  • He either said that OnLive can be used on an iPad or that it’s going to be compatible for the iPad.
  • He told me that OnLive isn’t necessarily about the internet connection you have, but more on what you play it on. For example, if you play on a HDTV, you’ll get the best quality. On a PC monitor, the quality drops and so forth depending on how small the screen is.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t get me a “console” for OnLive, but here I learned that you don’t actually get given the console. You actually get given a voucher which you could order the OnLive console for £1! That’s a saving of £68.95! Of course, there is post and packaging but thats not a problem considering how much you’re saving. I also managed to snag an OnLive t-shirt. I got two in the end because I was given a Large and I needed Extra Large (I’m a fattie!). In the end, I gave away the large one. I then went over to the Counter Strike: Global Offence booth and there was a massive queue there and I wondered how I would get in. Of course, I met Anna Sweet who I was supposed to meet at 12:30 anyway and she allowed me to skip the cue and skip about a 45 minute wait. Result! I played the PS3 version of the game and I was a little disappointed that the buttons weren’t pre-chosen for you. I was trying to crouch in the game and for some strange reason, the “crouch” didn’t have a button attached to it, so I had to do it myself. The controls for the PS3 version were a bit naff. I have a PS3, but I’m not used to it’s controls as I am for the Xbox 360. After I lost the match, I was given a token to be redeemed when the beta for Counter Strike: Global Offence for the PC version. I had a quick interview with somebody from the game. He told me that it’ll be easy for new players of the Counter Strike franchise to pick up the game and play it. He also didn’t expect Counter Strike to be a popular franchise as it is. Then I went over to the PS Vita… and I asked if I could cut a massive cue that was about an hour and a half long because I was press… I was allowed. Oh the joy! After they got about 10-12 people in a bunch, they let us pick a card that was faced down. On the other side was the game we were going to play. The first guy picked Wipeout 2048, then the second guy picked Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I really wanted to play Uncharted, but when I picked my card, I got LittleBigPlanet. There was about 5 cards with Uncharted printed on it and I just missed my chance. As gutted as I was, LittleBigPlanet was my game, and a lady took me over to the PS Vita. After so much anticipation, I could finally touch and play on the PS Vita! I asked if I could take some photos and she said I could, but not of the home screen… so wait, I could take pictures of the LittleBigPlanet game but not of the home screen? Right… Holding the PS Vita felt really weird in your hand. It fit pretty well, but my hands are a bit big, so they covered the rear touch pad a couple of times, but it wasn’t a massive problem. The controls were a little naff to get used to but once you were into the game, it was almost like you had played the Vita before. The woman had to help me with the controls though, because pretty much all of the PS Vita games come with their own style of controls. In LittleBigPlanet, you could:
  • Use the touch screen to drag an item around the area.
  • Tilt the vita to make a cart move side to side.
  • Use the rear touch pad to push out blocks to walk on.
  • Use the touch screen to pull back something that would go flinging in the air.
Believe it or not, the lady and I encountered a bug. I got stuck in an area I couldn’t get out of, and the “popping feature” which allows Sackboy to explode out of an area wasn’t working. However, for a handheld game, LittleBigPlanet had just as good graphics as the PS3 version. My time was up and they gave me a little necklace that reads “I played it first. PS Vita”. Walking around, I encountered somebody… or rather Something. I MET R2-D2! Well I took pictures of him that is. Obviously, R2-D2 was there for The Old Republic. I made my way into the 18 area (I didn’t actually need my ID. I just showed my Press tag and I got let in.) I got in line to try out Modern Warfare 3. It was about a 30 minute wait, so it wasn’t too bad. I had a chat with a couple of guys in front of me and when the line got to the front, I was sent over to a TV. We tried out the survival mode, and at first I sucked at it, but then it started to get easier. Oh and remember the time when Activision said the game will be running at 60FPS even on consoles? Yeah, they weren’t lying. The game felt so much smoother than Black Ops/Modern Warfare 2. The graphics were also a lot better than I thought. Better than I thought, but not the best. My time was up, and I grabbed a Modern Warfare 3 poster.
The queue… was massive.
Whilst in the 18 area, I tried out Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (there wasn’t really a wait time for this game) and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. The controls were very awkward and really difficult to get the hang of. The graphics wasn’t as impressive as Modern Warfare 3’s either. Shocking, I know. I left the 18 area and I headed over to OnLive. After I got a free copy of an OnLive edition of PC Gamer, I waited in line to get a voucher for the £1 OnLive console… it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes before I got to the front. They also had many precautions to make sure you only got one voucher, for example you “had” to register, or of had an existing account. Then you had to give your OnLive tag, and then they would mark your wrist band. The thing is, even if they didn’t have them precautions, there was no way I was going to wait another hour and a half for a second OnLive console. NO WAY! Then… something amazing happened. You will not believe who I ran into… At first, I wasn’t sure it was him with the top hat, but then when he spoke to me, I knew it had to be him. You might have guessed who I met when I said “top hat”. I MET TOTALBISCUIT! And if you are reading this TB, it was fantastic to meet you. Check the bottom of this page for that image! For a little while afterwards, I just had a wonder round just to watch the gameplay. I watched a bit of Just Dance 3 for Kinect, Dance Central 2, Journey, Uncharted 3 (I didn’t play Uncharted 3 for the fact that the beta was enough for me until the game comes out), RAGE and a few other smaller titles. I then took a picture of something epic, and he goes by the name of “The Candy Overlord”. The costume was made with cardboard, fabric and duct tape, and it looked epic. Just as I was about to take a picture, he saw me and posed for me. Thanks mate! I had another wonder around, and ran into RIFT, W2C, End of Nations, Rayman Origins, Dark Souls, SSX, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Need for Speed: The Run. I walked back into the 18 area where I got to try Saints Row: The Third. It was good, but not amazing. The graphics were pretty sweet and were pretty clean too. I then tried out Rise of Nightmares for Kinect. In all honesty, the game was good and bad. The mechanics were pretty clever, where you would twist your body to turn your character, put a foot forward to move and so on. But it was bad as those movements were hard to learn, get used to, and sometimes you would feel way too lazy to turn around.

Not as many people here for the Campaign

I was running out of time, and I had 15 minutes left to try out something. Originally, at 5PM i was going to go to an Uncharted 3 developer session where I was hoping to run into Nolan North, but the line was bigger than Skyrim’s and I wouldn’t of had time to stay. Anyway, with the 15 minutes I had, I actually got to try Battlefield 3. While the multiplayer had a line the same size as Modern Warfare 3’s, the single player had it’s little area of its own. Even though you saw somebody on each TV, the single player campaign wasn’t as popular. I got to try out the campaign after much anticipation. The only version of the campaign that was there was the PS3 version, so I sat down and gave it a try. The animations and graphics are really good, but the frame rate JUST SLIGHTLY holds the game back on the PS3. The models also don’t look as well-blended in as they do on the PC version, but to be honest, it’s not a massive problem. I was overall impressed with Battlefield 3. Whilst on my way out, I had one more glance at Skyrim (I didn’t play it, but I watched) and I must say, the game looks fantastic. Graphically and gameplay wise that is. And this was the 360 version! And that was my day. I managed to pick up swag throughout the day too. A list of my swag:
  • PC Gamer OnLive Edition
  • OnLive console for £1 (It was a code)
  • Modern Warfare 3 poster
  • 2 Razer Zone posters
  • Counter Strike GO Beta
  • PS Vita necklace
  • Free OnLive T-Shirt
  • A Portal 2 National Potato Board Award of 1955 T-shirt (It cost me £20) (InsertCoinTees)
  • 1 Blue and 1 Grey Eurogamer T-shirts (2 for £20!) (Also InsertCoinTee’s make)
  • Map of the expo
  • Free bag of Doritos (One person grabbed a whole box! They literally gave him a whole box.)
I look forward to going back next year where hopefully I will stay for the whole weekend!

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  • Anyone know who the pretty lady kneeling next to R2D2, image 100_0281 ?

  • Imprezgaz94

    Hello there,
    I went to the Expo on the saturday and it was EPIC, i wondered if you got given a orange “HMV RAGE and Skyrim” paper wristband that supposedly saves you £5 off at HMV. Did you get this paper wristband and if yes do you know if they work and do they work at any HMV store around the Uk?
    What game did you enjoy the most? mine was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Rage and Skyrim 🙂

    Many Thanks

    • Charlie Murray

      Fraid I didn’t so I can’t help you there. For me, the PS Vita was my highlight ;D

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