Published on February 28th, 2011 | by Gabriel


UPDATE: 501 Kills in Black Ops…WHAT?!

This is utterly insane. What I just saw blew my mind as I’m sure it’ll blow yours. You’ve probably heard people complaining all over the web about spawn kills in Black Ops. You know, when you die and as soon as you spawn, you’re dead again, giving you no chance to act. Well, this is an issue sometimes when playing Black Ops, but I don’t thin anyone imagined it getting this insane. There is this video that shows one player racking up 501 kills in a single round of Search & Destroy. A SINGLE ROUND. I know, sounds like I’m making this up. Well, I’m not. Check out the video below:

[youtube PKFBFu2oNAg]


Edit: The above video was proved to be fake by multiplayerreport. Compare the player names you see in both videos, and the reason it was fake is because it was a booster game.


[youtube rbc6-bGxN0M]

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  • Hazard Cinema confirmed that the video was set up. It’s on their Facebook and Twitter.

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