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5 Anticipated, Yet Released Games of 2011 You’ve Forgotten About

Poor games. We look forward to them, then we buy them, then we play them, then we sort of love them and then we forget about them. Some of the games released early on into the year barely get any mentions at award shows because… well for that exact fact! That they were released so early on in the year. But which games that were anticipated for 2011 have people just stopped talking about? Here’s five which might get you talking for about 3 minutes before you start thinking about how Skyrim will be Game of the Year, or how Uncharted 3 will be the one to watch.

Dead Space 2

Released: January 2011

This is the game that was released earliest out of these five forgotten games. While the game got slightly better scores by the critics than the first game, Dead Space 2 split gamers down the middle on if Dead Space 2 was better, or whether Dead Space 1 was better. I mean just because a game has added multiplayer does not mean it’s better than the first, does it? The game sold relatively well for a sequel, so it’s a shame to see that it didn’t have as big of a run as it should have received.

Dragon Age II

Released: March 2011

You should have seen the war that raged before and after this game was released. Before the game was released, so many people were comparing it to The Witcher 2 (which if you compare them both, The Witcher won over the critics). After the game was released, oh how the gamers were angered by how bad the game was to them. To me, it wasn’t as bad as people said it was… but it just wasn’t Origins, and thus people traded it in, threw it away or it’s still sat on peoples shelves, hoping that one day it’ll be loved once more. Let’s just hope Bioware listened to what fans who were disappointed had to say.

L.A. Noire

Released: May 2011

If you’ve been with Nave360 since we began, you may just remember this article. I received a lot of criticism from people on why Skyrim wasn’t on my list. Oh yes, it is now, but I edited that in AFTER the article was released. Another game people yelled at me for not having on my list was L.A. Noire. Now that the game has been released, I have one thing to say those who doubted me: HA HA. I win. When L.A. Noire was released, it was another game which split people down the middle. L.A. Noire was simply a repetitive game that just tried to show off the facial animation, which simply was just a camera pointed at somebody’s face and then compressed onto a 3D model. That’s all it was. Last year, people thought this would be Game of the Year (as most Rockstar games are) but not anymore. Barely anybody talks about this game now. Plus the ending was so predictable.


Released: February 2011

Have you noticed a pattern? Another EA game? When Bulletstorm was announced, people were interested to see where this game would go. Gamers of all kinds honestly didn’t think the game would sell as much as they thought merely for the fact that they were Epic Games, the people who tend to abuse the Playstation 3 community. And while the game sold well over a million (I presume it’s bound to be 2 million by now but that’s only a presumption), it failed to please the gaming community and Epic themselves. Some people blame that it was just too cheesy, while others blame that EA just didn’t advertise the game correctly. Many believe it’s because Epic just don’t care for their fans, so people just didn’t buy it. What was your reason for if you didn’t buy it?


Released: May 2011

It was a Bethesda game, so of course this game was anticipated at first. When the game was released however, hell broke loose. The game was removed from Steam for a while, the game was riddled with more bugs than you could see inside an ant farm, and one other thing… what was it? Oh yeah, the game was just plain dull. I mean Brink was just a game where half naked men ran around with guns for some building (Literally you’d think there’d be SOME women about). For a Bethesda game, it was a surprise to see this game become forgotten about so quickly. I presume it was the fact that the game didn’t live up to what people believed the game would be, rather than what it actually was.  

Honorable-ish Mentions:

Resistance 3 – The best of the series. Unfortunately, its previous games let the franchise down. Crysis 2 – Fun for the first few days and then suddenly, people got tired of it. They all went back to CoD. DAMN YOU ACTIVISION. Pokemon Black/White – While people will still buy any Pokemon game they find, how many of those actually finished this game? I mean could you really be bothered to mess around trying to get all 400 and something Pokemon?

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  • Bob

    The pokemon one is so right, i always buy the new pokemon game but rarely finish it in one go. I usually play it for a week sraight when it comes out then get bored and put it away for a year and come back and beat the league, then get discouraged from getting most of the legendaries because of the stupid events nintendo have to get some of the pokemon. Resistance 3 deserved to get way more sales than it did, but horrible marketing from sony did them in. I don’t see why people hated the previous resistance games i taught they were all 9/10.

  • dirkradke

    The only games I like in this list are Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age 2.  If I had to spend any money on Crysis 2 I would never have played the game.  The other 2 games have been played and are over.  They haven’t done anything for me lately so that is it.

  • Ian Tanner Christensen

    Resistance 3 should have gotten more sales, but I guess that’s just what you get for a ps3-only game.

  • JohnBon

    Gears of War 3 should be on this list. No one on my friends list plays lit. They all went back to Call of Duty. 

  • I don’t think I could ever forget Dragon Age 2. My god that game was amazing. 

    Why does the writer point out that there are are lots of EA games on the list like it’s a bad thing? The fact the EA released so many games worth getting excited about is great. The other two, Brink and LA Noir, what else did Bethesda and 2k release this year? But EA, they’ve released so many awesome games that it’s kind of overwhelming. 

  • Retzie

    I missed L.A. Noire, Dead Space 2, Arkham City and El Shaddai because quite simply there are too many good games coming out at the moment and not enough time in a day. I do intend to purchase these games after Xmas though.

  • Zman

    EA there severs are horrible also just thought I would point that out too 🙂

  • Stan Kacar 84

    Your L.A Noire comment was bullshit.

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