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3DS Price Drop Rollout

For those who said they would wait until the 3DS dropped in price, the time has now come. Nintendo have reduced the price of their brand new console due to lack of sales and poor word of mouth from those who complain the system gave them headaches. The good news is the console now retails at around £130 in the UK and at $170 dollars in the states, game retailers are still competing for the best deals for consumers so shop around and see what takes your fancy. On the flip side for those that already bought a 3DS, Nintendo have chosen you to be part of the Ambassador Program, what this entails is that if you have used the E-Shop since the consoles launch then you will have access to 20 free titles to download to your 3DS console from the shop. If you did purchase your 3DS before the 12 August when the price drop rolled out and didn’t use the E-Shop all hope is not lost as Nintendo will be providing a tool soon for those who still have their recipt which can be used to register yourself onto the Ambassador Program. The first game roll out will be available from September 1st consisting of 10 NES games available before they are to the rest of the public; Super Mario Bros Donkey Kong Junior Balloon Fight Ice Climber The Legend Of Zelda + 5 Other NES games that have yet to be announced. The second game roll out will be before the end of the year, and these games are Ambassador exclusives and will never be released to the general public; Yoshi’s Island Super Mario Advance 3 Mariokart Super Circuit Metroid Fusion Warioware Inc Mega Microgame$ Mario vs Donkey Kong + 5 Other GBA games that have yet to be announced. Also for those wondering, the Zelda 3DS is a mock up created by DevianArt user “wasi-bi-redux” who’s 3DS gets the featured image as it’s something Nintendo should have done.

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