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3 Resolutions a Gamer Should Follow in 2012

A gamer is many things. A gamer is fun, a great friend, and a great person to hang around with… but a gamer is also cruel, heartless and a total idiot. If you’ve seen the community on certain sites and forums, sometimes you can see the true side of a gamer just through the words they write. They know that nobody is going to get them, so why not be a horrible person at times. So now that 2012 has arrived, perhaps some gamers needs to start being better at what they love doing most, instead of being a total idiot about everything. Here are 3 resolutions a gamer should take if they haven’t already:

1. Stop Hating on Another Gamer and their Chosen Console

That refers to all of you. PS3 folk need to stop bitching about those who have an Xbox 360 just because they have less exclusives. Xbox 360 folk need to stop being smart asses thinking their console is better just because of a couple of extra sales. As for the Wii folk… well stop being beaten up by everybody. And as for the PC folk, will you stop saying that the PC is better than a console? It really isn’t, because a gaming PC is expensive. I mean sure the games are cheaper (especially Steam sales. WOW!) but do you even know how much money it is to build a gaming PC? Not all console gamers have that kind of money! And to both PS3 and 360 gamers, stop hating on PC gamers. They’re having a hard time, what with high piracy statistics.

2. Don’t Laugh at a Developers Failures

In this day and age, a lot of people find it funny when a game sells less than what a developer may expect. Those developers then lose out on a lot of money even though they may have made such a great game, and then before the know it, they may suddenly shut down, thus causing many talented people to lose their own jobs. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes; gamers laugh at that. And then gamers complain themselves that they can’t get a job in a shop to hopefully pay for their gaming habits. Maybe if you actually cared for video game development, maybe you can actually get a job in a video game company… and just hope it doesn’t get shut down. Just try not to let karma bite you in the back one day.

3. Stop Fanboying over Games [from the Trailer/Console]

Slightly similar to the first point, but slightly different at the same time. When games are announced, people judge the game from the trailer, or the developer, or the publisher, or the character you see on the screen. In this case, The Last of Us. Now sure, I’m looking forward to it too, but so many gamers are already calling it Game of the Year 2012. I mean what? Games like Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Metro: Last Light, Bioshock: Infinite, Darksiders II and Far Cry 3 have already shown some gameplay, all of which look like stunning games. The Last of Us has 1 cinematic trailer and “Naughty Dog” slapped onto it and suddenly it’s game of the year. I love Naughty Dog, but that’s just not the way you judge a game. Look at Dead Island. A powerful cinematic trailer with a very mediocre game, which just proves my point more. And I bet if The Last of Us was multiplatform, it wouldn’t get half as much attention… know what I’m saying? Oh how much of a better place the gaming community would be if these 3 points were followed by. Instead, we live in fear that somebody will say something cruel and heartless. These resolutions will be totally ignored by Day 1. Maybe you’ve already forgotten them. Shame really.

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