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15-Year-Old Boy Collapses After Gaming for 4 Days Straight

It’s totally the Xbox’s fault. Yep. 100% and if you think it’s the Xbox’s fault, then that could be the silliest thing you’d ever think. 15-year-old Tyler Rigsby collapsed at his Aunts house after he had stayed in his room for 4 days straight playing on his Xbox 360. The only time he ever came out of his room was to use the bathroom (I’m surprised he did that to be honest). What game was he playing? Modern Warfare 3 (who would have guessed). “It’s like he was looking at me but he wasn’t there. It was like he was looking through me,” says Jennifer Thompson, Tyler’s aunt. “We were talking and I heard a thump and I looked over and he just fell.” Jessie Rawlins, Tyler’s mother said “I was very scared. I thought he was going to die. He just fell over three times.” According to doctors, he was severely dehydrated and was taken to hospital where he was pumped with fluids. They also believed he did not sleep and was awake for the 4 days. The problem of this story is that, yet again, the parents believe that it’s gaming’s fault. I don’t mean to rant here, but what the hell is his mother doing letting him stay in his room for 4 days straight playing on his Xbox 360? And why on earth did she even buy him Modern Warfare 3? The real lesson should be this: parents are awful around video games and need to moderate their children’s playtime, and if they weren’t so cooped up in their giddy lives, maybe they’d care more for their children. “The Xbox is gone” said Jessie Rawlins. Personally, wrong move completely. Take away the games of high violence, not the entire console.

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  • It’s not even the game he was playing. What kind of parent allows their child to stay in their room for 4 days straight? I feel the parents are as much to blame and the kid.

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