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Published on October 14th, 2010 | by Charlie


(Update) 1,000 Friend List Cap Coming?

A rumor has gone around that with the new update coming in November, a person can now have up to 1,000 friends. The current cap is 100. This comes from Microsoft’s German Xbox Facebook page. The post has been removed, but the potential leak was noted down: “A long-term by many Xbox Live users desired change was the limit of 100 friends. With the update you can now up to 1,000 friends of your friends list. How many friends do you have? Not enough? Then you looking for new friends on the Finder tab!” Microsoft has yet to confirm this, but wait? “Finder tab”? So what, we’re now meant to make friends complete total strangers? And who in their right mind would have 1,000 friends? Real ones that is, not those who you friend just because you know them but they dont know you. The update is said to be released just before Kinect is released next month. (Update: 21:30 by Seb) Major Nelson has tweeted that these rumours are incorrect and that this friends list cap isn’t increasing, He also said “However, we’re always listening to member feedback and looking at new ways to enhance the service. Thanks 😉“. Ever since the close down of original Xbox live people have looked forward to having more friends on their xbox. Lets face it, 1,000 friends list cap sounds a little high, Lets hope that Microsoft for the first time in years actually listens to member feedback.

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